Rahul Dravid Retires…

Going to miss you, Dravid…

Words are not entering out of my mouth, Infinite thoughts crossing my mind, such is my condition, on the day when Cricket’s another legend retires…

Anyone in his late Teen years, or in Adulthood must be feeling the same kind of emotions today. Because we know what names like Sachin Tendulkar, Saurav Ganguly, Anil Kumble and Rahul Dravid mean to us. These are the names we grew up with, names we cheered, names we favored, names we won’t ever trade in those trading cards. But Life moves on, so do Cricket – After Saurav and Anil, it’s time for another Cricketing Legend – Rahul Dravid to bid adieu to the world.

When we saw cricket, we used to wait for Dravid to come and bat. When India used to lose, Rahul was the one world Depended on. I have known so many people out there who had such a soft spot for him. So many girls who had his posters on their wall. So many fanatics who used to worship him. Maybe he has not been able to perform that better in recent times, but those newspaper headlines about how Mr. Dependable did it again will remain with us throughout our lives.


The Wall or Mr. Dependable or simply Dravid – whatever name you like to call has always been an essence to our lives.

If children today like Kohli and Raina, teens like Dhoni or Yuvraj, Adults were always a fan of Dravid, Ganguly and Sachin and that too, in much broader terms.

I don’t know if world will remember him after some time, but we the youth of india will always keep him in our hearts and so will the girls who used to think that if there’s anyone who gives justice to ‘Tall, Dark and Handsome’- It’s Dravid.

Dravid’s Official Word –

I would like to announce my retirement from international and domestic first-class cricket. It is 16 years since I played my first Test match for India and today I feel it is time to move on. Once I was like every other boy in India, with a dream of playing for my country. Yet I could never have imagined a journey so long and so fulfilling.

No dream is ever chased alone. As I look back, I have many people to thank for teaching me and believing in me. My junior coaches in Bangalore and at various junior national camps inculcated in me a powerful love of the game, which has always stayed with me. My coaches at the international level have added to my craft and helped shape my personality. The physios and trainers worked hard to keep me fit – not an easy job – and allowed me to play late into my 30s.

The selectors, who rarely receive any credit in India, occasionally had more confidence in me than I had in myself and I am grateful for that. The various captains I played under offered me guidance and inspired me. Most of all I have to thank the teams I played with.

I was lucky in my early years to play for a Karnataka team that was trying to forge itself into a strong side and they were years of fun and learning. In the Indian team, I was fortunate to be part of a wonderful era when India played some of its finest cricket at home and abroad. Many of my teammates have become legends, not just in India but in the wider cricketing world. I admired them, learnt from them and I leave the game with wonderful memories and strong friendships. It is a great gift to have.

A career in sport is almost impossible to manage without the support, and guidance, and reassurance of family and friends. During tough times, and there always are, this is whom we go to. I found strength and encouragement from my parents and brother and they created around me a positive environment which was essential to my success.

My wife, Vijeeta, has been a remarkable partner in my journey. She has made sacrifices in her own career and has almost been a single parent as she brought up our children alone as I travelled abroad to play. Whenever challenges appeared, she was always there, as sounding board, as ally and as guide. Being away from my family became harder and harder through the years and I look forward now to spending time at home and doing the simple things, like just taking my sons to school.

Finally I would like to thank the Indian cricket fan, both here and across the world. The game is lucky to have you and I have been lucky to play before you. To represent India, and thus to represent you, has been a privilege and one which I have always taken seriously. My approach to cricket has been reasonably simple: it was about giving everything to the team, it was about playing with dignity and it was about upholding the spirit of the game. I hope I have done some of that. I have failed at times, but I have never stopped trying. It is why I leave with sadness but also with pride.

His stats being too massive to be displayed here – http://www.espncricinfo.com/magazine/content/current/story/556766.html

Some of the comments on his retirements :-

 ‎”very emotional moment for me, will miss him in the dressing room and in white jersey”-Tendulkar

“Dravid is a player who would walk on broken glass if his team asks him”- Gambhir

“If u can’t get along with Dravid, u are struggling in life “-Brett Lee

“Some succeeded because they are destined to, but he succeeded because he was Determined to”-Navjot Singh Siddhu

“Champion on and off the field, showed us with his great hard work, sky is the limit”-Mahesh Bhupathi

“They say sports serve society by providing vivid examples of excellence. To me, the most & dependable has to be Dravid”-Shahrukh Khan”

“Rahul Dravid is one of the top 5 players I batted against”-Alec Stewart

“A great lesson in dignity, humility and graced. Even in his speech, Dravid shows why he is a”gift of gentleman’s game”-Siddhartha

“Elegant at the crease, Eloquent in Retirement, thanks for the memories”-ESPN

“Rahul Dravid-Legend, Plain and Simple”-Kevin Pietersen

“The wolf who lived for the pack

Rahul Dravid was always a team man, willing to take up challenges for the greater good; and the acceptance of challenges has defined his cricket”-Harsha Bhogle, http://www.espncricinfo.com/magazine/content/current/story/556769.html

Everyone knows he was not only a good cricketer, but the best human being – Will always remember him whenever I will See Gambhir.



Gautam Gambhir, Fan’s Comment

I was expecting an update earlier.:P never mind,now that you did.
Well,what to say-we DID have a disastrous test series AGAIN,in a foreign soil,and that too within a year and it surely reeks of the declining test potential of the team in general as of now.The team needs immediate action to get its test glory back as well as most of its players need to get back their “form” and this very form leads the discussion towards the issue in hand-”rotating of the senior players”.Well,what EXACTLY do we decipher out of this action taken by the team-rotating Sehwag,Sachin and Gautam in turns? The reason for doing this is termed that “the seniors are “SLOW” on the field ” and it causes runs getting leaked.In an effort to handle the same,the seniors are being rested.Logic!
Now,isn’t a team,while chasing a target,SCORE runs in itself?Not ALL the eleven players of a team are exceptional fielders,they can NOT be! if the opposition team is scoring runs, the chasing team has got to score a couple runs more than them during their innings.Isn’t cricket BASICALLY about it?! And WHY ONLY the top-order batsmen were being rotated ?We had Manoj Tiwari accompanying the team who had scored brilliantly in domestic just before that and even in the ODI against WI prior to that?Is it just Rohit Sharma or Suresh Raina who deserve to be groomed for the next WC or cement their career?Irfan pathan nearly wasted himself on the benches almost throughout the series and got just a couple of matches and the guy proved his worth even during that meagre time he was provided.The ones who were given chances continuously didn’t even perform as to what was expected of them! and one personal OPINION of Gambhir was being twisted and talked about like he doesn’t understands the game at all! How weird is that?That guy IS a regular member of the team,and is entitled to his opinion.The win against Australia would NOT have been possible without his 92,that much should be kept in mind.! Throughout the series,He made sure he leaves an impact,in whichever game he played.56 in the T20 match,92,91,63=all have been his scores and he actually came up as the highest run getter in the series.But STILL,never for once,the deserved acknowledgment reaches him,Ehh!how unjust is that?The game-finisher leaves his impact by hitting a couple of sixes and some such big shots,but someone who actually anchored the innings,laid a base for the game is so easily overlooked.!
Well,Asia Cup is soon going to be held.I hope the team gains back its glory and everything in it,performs well and of course,Gambhir plays his part again,AMAZINGLY! Its India vs Pak on 18th and I was remembering the last series and Gambhir and Kamran Akmal’s clash..haha! would be worth the wait-this time as well. ;)
and last but definitely not the least-Get well soon Yuvi! :D ! The Team NEEDS you.!

Thank you Deblina for your Comment. It’s so expressive…..

Gautam Gambhir, Australia’s Over

So finally the Australian tour came to an end. It was a shame for Indian Cricket Team in all, they displayed a sheer amount of non-dedication, some foolish mistakes and to top it all, some weird experiments.

It has been some time since i posted a new post. I wasn’t that busy but had nothing to talk about, I was furious, I would say, with the Incompetency of the team players. Is it new coach, or is it the losing standards. Things world expects from India is all about Indian movies and a good game of Cricket.

Let’s just have a look at it step by step,

Indian tour of Australia, 2011-2012, Border-Gavaskar Trophy

It all started in December, 2011, when All eyes were on the Indian tour of Australia, The Star Network named it Agneepath series as it always is thrilling. But, Indians were not serious enough or maybe not lucky enough.

Gambhir, who was expected to perform, didn’t displayed his usual self. He had a poor average of approximately 24 runs in four matches ( 8 innings ) and scored his best of 83 in the 2nd match. Maybe his wedding party was not over but still, he was surely optimistic and always tried hard to get back in the game. Much has been going with him this past year, but let’s not blame him, that injury can take anyone down for an year.

Other players disappointed as well and Australians had all the defense for their attack.

Indian tour of Australia, 2 T-20 Matches

Thank god, they won a match after all. They did manage to make it a draw and having a look at the scorecards, you can seriously tell, It was all because of Gambhir’s 56 which made us win that match. He was back, I guess.

Indian tour of Australia, Commonwealth Bank Series

The most disappointing of all, the team topped it all when they weren’t able to reach in the Finals.

Only two Indian players, Virat Kohli and Gautam Gambhir were the key performers in the whole series.

Well, why the heck did Dhoni decide to rest the Senior players for, Isn’t he one, so why does he think that he is the mightiest of all taking such stupid decisions. Who thinks of resting Sachin. Is he playing it very well. the way I see, He is the person who comes down at end, hits a few runs and enters the limelight. He is the one who has been taking some damn unworthy credit for this last year. I don’t how he thinks. He doesn’t perform the entire series, come downs in the finals, hits a few sixes, and well he becomes the best player of the series. Well, He decides to rest Sachin, well Dhoni, Why haven’t your stomach filled after getting Sourav off the team, that now you want to rest other ones off as well. I am very angry at him for being so absurd.

Well, Let’s come the point, Second match we won because of Kohli, 3rd one Gambhir hit a 92 to lead us to a win, 4th one, he made a beautiful 91 and helped it to become a tie, and the last match we won was again due to Kohli and his best innings.

Well this was it, He proved it again that whether others play the way the want or not, he is always going to be dedicated and well he got his other Delhi brother with him as wel – Virat Kohli.

In Indian Premier League,

The word is out guys, IPL is going to start very soon, let’s just hope KKR does it again. Though they have a problem with them a second Pacer. And yet, they have bought all foreign players once gain, A big trouble, as we already had our lot of Overseas players….

And Finally, Let’s just hope Yuvraj Singh recovers soon.

I’d happy to hear from you guys.

Gautam Gambhir, Partnerships with Virender Sehwag

I wasn’t regular enough to post but Could I miss a day like this when Sehwag, the best friend of Gambhir has broken all records by becoming the highest scoring batsman in a ODI by scoring 219 against West Indies in 4th One Day Match breaking the record previously held by Sachin Tendulkar.

If someone talks about Cricket and Friendships, one must be thinking about the mighty Sehwag and the eccentric Gambhir and their friendship. The duo has been playing together for a decade now, not only for Indian National team but for Delhi as well. They share quite a chemistry as everyone is aware of. Noone can ever forget the opening partnerships involving the two, which is considered to be one of the biggest strength for the Team.

Let’s Talk about Statistics :-

  1. They have scored 6 hundreds with the highest of 201 and a total of 2085 for India together.
  2. 11th position for the highest runs made by a duo in Test Cricket with 3854 in mere 70 Innings
  3. 6th Position for Highest Opening Partnership Runs with the highest average among the Top 6
  4. 10 Hundreds made together in Test Cricket
  5. They have scored 23 Fifties in Test Cricket which is the 4th Highest ever
  6. 9th in the list of Highest Partnership Runs in t20 Matches
  7. 4th for the Highest Opening Partnership Runs in t20 Matches

And Now is the turn for the Photographs to say it all

I really don’t think that anyone can ever say more than what these pictures depict, I always feel so special to see how these two guys gel up, And I always feel too proud to see that our Gambhir is in such good Hands.

They Surely are Jai Veeru of Indian Cricket and will continue to be a model for all the friends all over the world.

Congrats Sehwag for your Acievements and Congrats Gambhir for your Friend’s

Let’s just Wish you two remain like this forever……

Gautam Gambhir, A New Innings

“Many Hearts were broken, Too many Dreams left unfulfilled”

Yes this must have been the state of a lot of hearts, hearts of girls who loved and admired Gambhir and wished to marry him as Gambhir chose his soulmate in form of Natasha Jain, A Delhi based Girl and Daughter of Business Tycoon, Ravindra Jain and married her on 28th October in a Private Farm, Gurgaon amidst a few family members and friends.

The Beauty and the Best 🙂

List of Celebrities who attended the wedding is still unknown.

Well We all the fans of Gambhir are so happy to see him smiling and so happy to have started a new innings of his life, May the handsome man stay not out in this one and score a lot of runs as well. We are waiting for Junior Gambhir as well Gautam 🙂

Looking so good, both of them 🙂

May You and your soulmate stay happy for the rest of your life…..

Gautam Gambhir, On Personal Front





Didn’t wish you…..

But nevertheless, I just want to wish

A Belated and very Happy Birthday to Gautam.

I just want to say that you were, are and will remain the most inspiring sportsperson of my life, greatest motivation and the most talented Batsman in my eyes forever. May God bless you in your professional as well as personal life, May he bring you luck and most Importantly Health and may you attain the prosperity and joy this year and keep it forever. I Love you as a person for your characteristics and will continue to do so.

This post brings me so much happiness and joy due to following four reasons :-

  1. His Birthday
  2. He is getting Married 
  3. He is back with  BANG 
  4. My blog just completed 1100 hits 

Yes Guys It was his Birthday on 14th October and a day of immense happiness and joy for all Cricket fans as it was the day when Gautam Gambhir returned back to the field for national side after some unfortunate injuries and that too In Form. We all have been waiting for this day to come and It has finally come, The month started with a whopping 33 runs from the vice-captain and still managed to be among the top-scorers of the match.

This doesn’t end here – He came back in the Second One Day International against England in India and guess what – Our Knight did exactly what was expected out of him – He scored 84 and that too Not Out, I mean I can’t wait to see more from him. England – He is one guy, you need to watch out for – You did win from India on your Home Land just because this soldier was injured but now the chances are very sleek. And the partnership between the Delhi lads was one another thing to watch out for – Thank God, we have someone like Kohli who can give that almost same kind of company to the KKR skipper in the field as Sehwag does.

George Binoy, ESPN Cricinfo :-

Finn clocked speeds of 150 kph and above consistently in his first spell. He beat Kohli with sheer pace after inducing an edge that went past slip for four. In the 10th over, Gambhir edged Finn past his stumps to the fine-leg boundary while attempting a cover drive. With three slips in place there was a huge gap between cover point and mid-off and Gambhir was aiming for it. He tried to steer once again, and Finn watched the outside edge fly wide of third slip once more. There was a third boundary in the over – Gambhir clipped a half-volley off his pads through square leg. Finn’s frustration began to show and India began to pull away fast.

The other England bowlers caused no problems. Kohli pulled Jade Dernbach with a trace of arrogant dismissiveness, he drove Ravi Bopara with grace through cover, and Gambhir cut Graeme Swann behind point to bring up the 50-partnership off 42 balls.

Kohli reached his half-century off 45 balls, Gambhir got to his off 62. Both batsmen were level on 58 after 25 overs but thereafter Kohli began to race ahead with frequent boundaries and a constant turning over of the strike. He got to his century off only 89 balls with a deft glance off the pads against Jade Dernbach. He celebrated his seventh ODI hundred with a fist-pump. A few overs later, Kohli was fist-pumping again, after smashing Dernbach through midwicket to finish the game.

Not only this, Gambhir has shown his talent after the injury in the post matches of Champions League in which Gambhir did score 55* and 33* which made us win both the matches by a good margin.

But The Performance doesn’t end here he did brought India Red into the finals of NKP Salve Challenger Trophy as well in List A Cricket which shows he is versatile and talented and that too as a captain.

Now another Good News is that Our favorite Player is going to marry this month or next. I am so excited and happy for his personal life, He deserves the best. I am very happy that He is marrying Delhi based Natasha Jain who is 27 years old and is daughter of a prominent business person Ravindra Jain. Due to which He won’t play in the only T20 match against England . Marriages are said to be made in heaven – I just hope that this marriage lasts longer and stays prosperous till the end. May she bring him joy for the rest of life. And I hope to have his kid in a year or so. Seriously How cute his son would be Awww Hehe :-p

Finally, With all your support and appreciation, My blog has reached 1100 hits and I am so happy to take a few names such as Ananth, Deblina and Farheen who have always been a support and regular critics for the blog. Thanks guys, I would love you all to read and share this.

Gautam Gambhir, hurt in England

As we all know – The time after IPL has never been gentle to the Indian Opener, Gautam Gambhir – He has to face injury again and agaian and that too on field which shows he has been so much dedicated to his work that he can just put everything and most importantly his health on stake just for the sake of being on the field.

After the much awaited return of the showman, He did play quite amazing as compared to other players in the First test against England but he added an Injury to his list which made him rested for the 2nd Test Match against England leaving all the nation heartbroken once again as it surely adds glamour to the game when he is on the field as his aggression and determination always keeps us optimistic about the game.

Injured in First Test

He still played the Third Test despite of all the misery he was in and he yet again was hit on the elbow, which shows the way destiny is playing with this great cricketer and testing his patience, but to the surprise of everyone – He still continued playing.

Gautam playing even when injured

Gautam Gambhir Injured in Third Test

He did return for the final Test match between India and England but got hit by the ball during a brilliant effort of catching it which was like extraordinary but unfortunate as it led to a groin injury and became the fourth and the worst injury of all. He had to rest for the Twenty-20 Match and the upcoming 5 day ODI series against England.

Gautam getting injured while catching

Gautam Gambhir Devastated in Fourth Test

And It shows clearly that a missing link is so vital for this World Champion Team such that his absence has led in the biggest loss for Team India and still people believe that Dhoni would have been given that MOTM – the way he is playing without any sort of injury is so so ravishing and injust to other players escpecially Gambhir, I hope he returns with a bang and as the Captain of the Indian National Cricket Team.

Gambhir played despite of all the injuries in the fourth test and did very well for India


Let’s Now take A look at what the mighty player had to say As told to ESPN  :-

Recuperating from a concussion that ruled him out of the ongoing ODI series against England, Indian opener Gautam Gambhir said he was struggling massively with a blurred vision and would have let the team down by staying back on what has become a disaster of a tour. Gambhir is recovering from the effects of an awkward tumble he took during The Oval Test. The opener’s vision was left blurred due to the concussion forcing him out of the ongoing ODIs.

He has been advised rest for 10 days.

The doctors said if you are still dizzy and puking, these are clear symptoms of concussion,” Gambhir told ‘ESPNcricinfo’.

If I looked down, I felt like puking. If I tried to focus on one object, that made me feel dizzy. The vision remained blurry,” he explained.

Before this, Gambhir had hurt his elbow which forced him to sit out of the third Test, a decision that drew flak from some quarters with some former players suggesting that he could have played through pain and helped India’s cause. The team was whitewashed 0-4 in the Tests.

Look, you are not just blocking, which is what was required at Lord’s. This was a new Test. It was not just about time, you had to score runs, you had to field, you had to last five days,” Gambhir explained.

The pain in the elbow was massive. It might be easy for an outsider to say that it is not broken and he can play, but the pain was too much. I experienced it during the nets and the throwdowns before the match.

And an elbow injury is different from a hand injury, which was the case in Cape Town. You can bat with a swollen hand, but it is very difficult to bat with a painful elbow,” he added.

You can’t even get down to thinking of the performance when you have batted through injury three out of the six innings,” he retorted.

Gambhir said playing with the concussion after that would have jeopardised the team’s chances even more.

If your vision is blurry, if you can’t focus on one object, if you can’t judge the pace of the ball or its trajectory, not only are you putting yourself at risk, you are also letting your team and your country down,” Gambhir said.

During the (Oval) Test I did what I had to do. There was no choice but to bat, but after that, even when taking throwdowns, I struggled with the vision.


Moreover Wasim Akram, Bowling Coach of Kolkata Knight Riders Sympathized with the player by saying that :-

” India are certainly going to miss Gambhir in the ODIs. He has performed really well in the last two years. His injury (blurred eyesight after a head injury) makes matters worse for India who are already playing without Virender Sehwag, Yuvraj Singh and Zaheer Khan. Gautam has been a bit unfortunate on this tour. He injured his elbow in the first Test at the Lord’s and before he could completely recover, this injury came his way. You can’t do much about injuries. “

Now What we can do is hope for the opener to get fit and fine as soon as possible and return to the field as a true spartan so that he just astonishes everyone out there who say that he is not capable. Moreover, If he feels like he should play in Champions League and represent Kolkata in it. It would fun to watch him play. But only if he feels healthy. More update on this in next post, Till then, Get Well Soon Gautam…


Gautam Gambhir, Post Injury

Most of us were excited to watch Gautam Gambhir play after his recovery from the injury post-IPL, We did see him and he did play but not like the usual Gautam Gambhir plays, He was down on aggression, but he tried and tried hard but was unfortunate enough to add an injury to his report.

After he missed the Tour of West Indies, fans were all going crazy to watch him knock the ball here and there against English team, He came when our hopes were high, We all forgot that he was still recovering from that injury and were expecting much from him. Believe me we shouldn’t have, we should have given him his time and his space, to recover to come in full form, to play like gautam does, Still he came, he played a brave innings of 15 runs which wasn’t expected at all from the opener but still I won’t complain a bit because I know who he is and what talent does he possess and I have full faith in him and expect you to have that as well.

Meanwhile, He injured himself and that was something too miserable and totally out of the blue as if he didn’t have any problems of his own already, That was something which shouldn’t have happened.

Nasser Hussain rightly said about Gautam Gambhir : ” Gautam Gambhir: An impressive guy and a tough batsman in the new Indian mould. When India lost two quick wickets in the World Cup final, Gambhir was the bloke who came in and steadied the ship. He’s not an old-style Indian bully, scoring easy runs on flat tracks. He loves the competition and I know Duncan Fletcher’s very impressed with him… ”

Siddharth Ravindran mentioned it as well by quoting ” What will make it worse is if Gautam Gambhir, who is still recovering from a blow to the elbow he took in the first Test, joins the injury list. While India at least have a couple of back-up quick bowlers to choose from to replace Zaheer, Gambhir’s absence could end up upsetting the batting configuration. One of three makeshift openers will have to be employed – Yuvraj Singh, Rahul Dravid or Wriddhiman Saha – and the experienced middle order, India’s biggest strength, could be exposed early to the swinging ball. “

But still, We are hopeful that after his innings, rather Disappointing innings of First test and his injury-led-miss from second, He will return with Sehwag into the big picture and will surely create a big bang……….

So just let’s cheer him up, And hope for the best….

Gautam Gambhir, not getting the Credit he deserves….

I have always heard that health, wealth and fame are the most important variables in an equation to judge the character of a person, and you can always gain these three just by walking on the right path with right attitude and some moral principles. Let us first discuss the rights and wrongs of a great person, one of the best sports persons of the country, Gautam Gambhir

As we all know that he ( Gautam Gambhir ) is extremely determined and hard-working, gentle and aggressive, calm and fiery, talented and brilliantly executed, nice and naughty, sweet and spicy, shy and decent, all at the same time and most importantly, a true patriot and one of the best citizens of country. The only question that now arises is that is he a good cricketer, Let’s look at his achievements as a cricketer

Does anyone here has any doubt for the cricketer’s abilities and if he does have any, then he needs to have a reality check and he surely needs to read the following accomplishments and then decide how Good he is…..

Can you ever forget his breakthrough performance in the 2007 Twenty-20 Cricket World Cup in which he was the highest scorer from Indian team and the highest scorer in the last match which brought us the inaugural cup, and still he Didn’t get any appreciation in any extra-ordinary forms whatsoever – Did the newspapers  slept the whole night as they have forgotten this while blaming him for his injury. The mind-blowing innings of 75 that the presenters forgot to acknowledge – A Pity…

Gautam's 75 off 54 Balls in the 2007 World Cup Final

Now if this was not enough, How can one forget his performance as Delhi’s captain in the Ranji trophy and his brilliancy as a captain to have brought home the title of the winners in this most important domestic tournament only after a gap of nearly two decades ( 16 years ) and only under the Gautam Gambhir

After all, this may seem very less, But don’t worry, I have something great in kitty as well and that’s being named the test player of the year by ICC and that may not be as easy as pie but is one of the biggest and proudest moment of one’s life and that is the answer to all those who doesn’t count him as one of the greats…

Gautam Gambhir after hitting one of the various centuries of his life...

When named ICC Test Player of the year

Now if that may have been taken easily, here’s this fact that he was the highest scorer of the 2011 World Cup finals and the Fourth highest Indian scorer of the tournament and his knock was the crucial knock that brought India, its second world cup after the 1983 Victory just to get forgotten just because no-one actually could have been so humble to have acknowledged him as well with some award or a special recognition . I mean was Dhoni’s knock of 90 more special in any ways than Gautam’s 97 and if not, then why was he made to share the MOTM award ????

And now is the real question that always arises is that why this man has not ever received the fame factor as much as some others who deserve a little less somewhere down the line, Why has he always been behind in all the pictures, Why was he never seen sharing the limelight, He’s shy but Why does the media fraternity forget to appreciate him rather than point him for some undone mistakes, Why has he not yet received a position in top favorites of a large amount of Cricket-loving people even after having shown his performances in all the three formats of the game and at every platform  ……….

If you feel this, Please comment……..