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Gautam Gambhir, and the knights

The Kolkata Knight Riders must have been a happy franchisee after such a successful selection of players and forming a formidable and outrageous team which was expected to end the three-year long losing reign of the franchisee in the Indian Premier League. The team, indeed, performed and that too with a bang. Under the successful captaincy of Gautam Gambhir, and the performance of such wonderful team members, the team qualified for the play-offs. They played like true knights and invested everything but couldn’t defeat the opposition, Mumbai Indians. But we are very happy to have played like this the entire season and proud to return with our heads high and our pride intact. We are determined to return and return with a bang to reach the trophy in 2012.

The team after establishing so much, has provided the country with some great young talent, has shown the world that the legends still are in form to kill and has most importantly shown a very bright side to our young skipper, Gautam Gambhir.

Let us have a look at each and every knight who has performed brilliantly and has shown immense talent

Gautam Gambhir, the skipper – the person who performed like a world class champion, who lead like a world class leader and who delivered like a world class speaker – A player the country has already shown respect for, the nation has already seen talent of has become the favorite of a large section of society and is indeed one of the players the world will look out for in near future. The player who has shown may lead a team to new heights.

Jacques Kallis, a renowned legend, a competent all-rounder and a person who indeed has shown that he still is the player whom opposition needs to get frightened about, Except of displaying such an immensely talented batting, has also shown his talent with the ball becoming one of the best bowling figures for the team. His presence has always provided the team with confidence and courage.

Brett Lee – the player whose name is more than enough to describe him in the cricket industry. He has become a trademark for a seamer and with a persona like he has,  he is a complete charmer, you can take a glimpse of this after watching a match in stadium and how the crowd gets crazy to have a look at him, one of the most famous cricketers in the world, he was always happy to perform and has always been a pillar of strength in the field and has given the team, a new dimension

Eoin Morgan, a formidable batsman and a mighty fielder, has proved to be a great player to be a part of the franchisee. He proved lucky for the team as after his departure, we became down on luck and lost a couple of important matches. A player who used to cheer the field up, who used to give some weight to the batting line-up. Hope he delivers the next season.

Shakib Al-Hasan, A player who has not only shown his talent but a player who has taken the national team of Bangladesh to new heigts, an all-rounder who is one of the best spinners in the world and along with that, has won the team a great number of matches with his spectacular batting shots. He is a player who was always there whenever we required him, one of the best bowlers in the whole tournament and a great shield.

Ryan tenDoeschate, A one of the best examples of how a player matters. This player who has served the associate team of Netherlands and has shown his immense talent and capabilities was always an important and joyous addition to the team, the way he served motivated all the other players to deliver and we will be lucky to have whim with us for till the franchisee exists.

Mark Boucher, Come-on, Do you still need something to describe him, He has been a bright addition to our side, after the Brad Haddin Injury, he has been added as the experienced wicket-keeper to our squad. Though he hasn’t displayed much but isn’t the name enough

Manoj Tiwary, what a player, what an immense display of talent, when the legends depart back to pavailiion he is the one, everyone depends on and what a courage and performance to play in pressure and win the matches. He has been a very important member of the squad and I don’t know if without him, we could have earned much acclaim and success.

Iqbal Abdulla, Again a wonderful showcase of talent and loyalty,honesty and courage, He when used to pick up the bowl made tall the spectators relieved as we all knew, despite of his young age, will never harm the franchisee. Has always been of immense use and has always performed like a true knight. He has been a knight in motion. A spinner, the Indian National team will love to have..

Rajat Bhatia, Shreevats Goswami and Manvinder Bisla are among the other players who have been of immense need and have always supported the team to win and have been a very solid part of the team.

Though, we are out but we promise to return back with a bang and to push the limits next season. All the best and KLJre.


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4 responses to “Gautam Gambhir, and the knights

  1. baba Aj

    bro fab job……………;)

  2. Fairy ⋅

    They wer truely the knights n hav done a fabulous job this year….. juz expected dis from them n they hav deliverd the same way…….
    didn’t evn felt bad wen they lost against mumbai coz they wer juz perfect n its bcoz of knights that mumbai won…… so i feel that knights wer much much much better than mumbai…..
    they r the perfect KNIGHT HEROES………..

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