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Gautam Gambhir, not getting the Credit he deserves….

I have always heard that health, wealth and fame are the most important variables in an equation to judge the character of a person, and you can always gain these three just by walking on the right path with right attitude and some moral principles. Let us first discuss the rights and wrongs of a great person, one of the best sports persons of the country, Gautam Gambhir

As we all know that he ( Gautam Gambhir ) is extremely determined and hard-working, gentle and aggressive, calm and fiery, talented and brilliantly executed, nice and naughty, sweet and spicy, shy and decent, all at the same time and most importantly, a true patriot and one of the best citizens of country. The only question that now arises is that is he a good cricketer, Let’s look at his achievements as a cricketer

Does anyone here has any doubt for the cricketer’s abilities and if he does have any, then he needs to have a reality check and he surely needs to read the following accomplishments and then decide how Good he is…..

Can you ever forget his breakthrough performance in the 2007 Twenty-20 Cricket World Cup in which he was the highest scorer from Indian team and the highest scorer in the last match which brought us the inaugural cup, and still he Didn’t get any appreciation in any extra-ordinary forms whatsoever – Did the newspapers  slept the whole night as they have forgotten this while blaming him for his injury. The mind-blowing innings of 75 that the presenters forgot to acknowledge – A Pity…

Gautam's 75 off 54 Balls in the 2007 World Cup Final

Now if this was not enough, How can one forget his performance as Delhi’s captain in the Ranji trophy and his brilliancy as a captain to have brought home the title of the winners in this most important domestic tournament only after a gap of nearly two decades ( 16 years ) and only under the Gautam Gambhir

After all, this may seem very less, But don’t worry, I have something great in kitty as well and that’s being named the test player of the year by ICC and that may not be as easy as pie but is one of the biggest and proudest moment of one’s life and that is the answer to all those who doesn’t count him as one of the greats…

Gautam Gambhir after hitting one of the various centuries of his life...

When named ICC Test Player of the year

Now if that may have been taken easily, here’s this fact that he was the highest scorer of the 2011 World Cup finals and the Fourth highest Indian scorer of the tournament and his knock was the crucial knock that brought India, its second world cup after the 1983 Victory just to get forgotten just because no-one actually could have been so humble to have acknowledged him as well with some award or a special recognition . I mean was Dhoni’s knock of 90 more special in any ways than Gautam’s 97 and if not, then why was he made to share the MOTM award ????

And now is the real question that always arises is that why this man has not ever received the fame factor as much as some others who deserve a little less somewhere down the line, Why has he always been behind in all the pictures, Why was he never seen sharing the limelight, He’s shy but Why does the media fraternity forget to appreciate him rather than point him for some undone mistakes, Why has he not yet received a position in top favorites of a large amount of Cricket-loving people even after having shown his performances in all the three formats of the game and at every platform  ……….

If you feel this, Please comment……..


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13 responses to “Gautam Gambhir, not getting the Credit he deserves….

  1. Deblina ⋅

    Is there a LOVE button for this blog update…???!!i can’t help but simply agree with it .Its High-TIME this particular cricketer who is just SO amazing with his craft n along with that -such a GREAT patriot and believer of IDEAL morals and all get his due.he chooses to stay away from the glamour associated with the his profession,but that is entirely HIS choice.but that doesn’t mean the media and the public at large can use that as something against him..That is how this man has carved himself,the simple human being that he is,he believes in them..When he paves the way for India winning the WC with a superb 97 when stalwarts like Sachin also were not there ,we see people acknowledging it for a short time n then they easily get over it.But they seem to have a huge problem when he gets payed for playing in IPL.he himself din’t set that price for him,it was decided by the franchise.And blaming something like this on a cricketer like him who has been going on non-stop for his country is just ridiculous.Its not like as if the other players r playing free of cost.the achievements mentioned are just a sneak-peak into this wonderful human beings life…he is much more larger in life than all these.And somewhere i think the public also isn’t being fair to him,criticizing every single action of his or his ways.As it goes without saying,an EXTRA-ORDINARY man has too many people on his back,same’s the case with Gautam as well…Its high time people n the media alike learn to give this man the needed recognition and respect.

    • And where’s the LOVE button for this comment, You have put the whole thing so amazingly and it’s so correct that I couldn’t agree moer, It’s lovely to see how Understanding ppl like you are liking the blog and supporting it. Thanks very much 🙂

      • Deblina ⋅

        The pleasure is all mine….:D.the blog update is just BANG -ON..n though i just clicked on it coz i saw it was about Gautam Gambhir,when i read the full thing i couldn’t help but comment n agree upon the post as it talks fact.i would love to b notified about the further blog updates of yours here..thanks..

      • Pleasure’s all mine 🙂
        Thanks for appreciating ……

    • Hey Deblina, 1st of all i want to thank u for writing such gr8 thngs abt Gauti…n secondly, the way u hav writtn is juz amazing!!!!!!!!
      watever u hav writtn, i fully agree with u……..its juz awesome!!!!!!!
      Thanks once again….

      • Deblina ⋅

        oh..Thanks for appreciating .i just wrote what i feel and of course–Gauti is my favorite player as well..and the man UNDERSTANDS the game,not just merely plays..he is a WINNER of sorts..and he has proved it time and again.My most biggest reason to admire him is coz he knows and understand each n every single format of the game and plays it like that.and…of course-you are welcome…:D

  2. I fully appreciate with Gauti……I really believ he’s India’s one of the best player, n i can never go against him……so watever shit writtn abt him is fully ignored, coz dats the job of media to write nethng abt anyone, coz dats their way of earning money… in comparison wit media, Gauti is much (100 times) better coz his way of earning is giving his full strenght, his full soul for the country…….
    It is truly said dat wen he plays well he’s appreciated, bt wen any issue cums against him, he’s depreciated……juz hate such kind of people…………….
    Well, i juz LOVE Gauti………….he’s my favourite cricketer n will always be………..
    now m desparetly waiting for 21st july………….my lovely gauti will cum on field after 1 1/2 months………
    n one more thng, want to CONGRATULATE Gauti, for being selected as the Vice- Captain of India……
    this is juz bcoz of the gud deeds he has done n bcoz of our prayers too………………….
    So my one request for Gauti- “forget all the rubbish spoken by stupid people n concentratrate on your work….u will surely bring the best result…….Our prayers are there with u…..”
    LOVE U MY FAVOURITE – GAUTAM GAMBHIR…….!!!:-):-)<3<3<3..

  3. I think you have produced several truly fascinating points. Not too many others would really think about this the way you just did. I am very impressed that there is so much about this subject that has been revealed and you made it so nicely, with so considerably class. Brilliant one, man! Very special things right here.

  4. Just thought I’d drop you a line to tell you your site really rocks! I have been looking for this sort of information for a long time.. I don’t usually reply to posts but I will in this case. WoW terrific great.

  5. Shuchita ⋅

    Lovely post about such a nice man and one of the best crickters India has.Awesome!!!!

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