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Gautam Gambhir, hurt in England

As we all know – The time after IPL has never been gentle to the Indian Opener, Gautam Gambhir – He has to face injury again and agaian and that too on field which shows he has been so much dedicated to his work that he can just put everything and most importantly his health on stake just for the sake of being on the field.

After the much awaited return of the showman, He did play quite amazing as compared to other players in the First test against England but he added an Injury to his list which made him rested for the 2nd Test Match against England leaving all the nation heartbroken once again as it surely adds glamour to the game when he is on the field as his aggression and determination always keeps us optimistic about the game.

Injured in First Test

He still played the Third Test despite of all the misery he was in and he yet again was hit on the elbow, which shows the way destiny is playing with this great cricketer and testing his patience, but to the surprise of everyone – He still continued playing.

Gautam playing even when injured

Gautam Gambhir Injured in Third Test

He did return for the final Test match between India and England but got hit by the ball during a brilliant effort of catching it which was like extraordinary but unfortunate as it led to a groin injury and became the fourth and the worst injury of all. He had to rest for the Twenty-20 Match and the upcoming 5 day ODI series against England.

Gautam getting injured while catching

Gautam Gambhir Devastated in Fourth Test

And It shows clearly that a missing link is so vital for this World Champion Team such that his absence has led in the biggest loss for Team India and still people believe that Dhoni would have been given that MOTM – the way he is playing without any sort of injury is so so ravishing and injust to other players escpecially Gambhir, I hope he returns with a bang and as the Captain of the Indian National Cricket Team.

Gambhir played despite of all the injuries in the fourth test and did very well for India


Let’s Now take A look at what the mighty player had to say As told to ESPN  :-

Recuperating from a concussion that ruled him out of the ongoing ODI series against England, Indian opener Gautam Gambhir said he was struggling massively with a blurred vision and would have let the team down by staying back on what has become a disaster of a tour. Gambhir is recovering from the effects of an awkward tumble he took during The Oval Test. The opener’s vision was left blurred due to the concussion forcing him out of the ongoing ODIs.

He has been advised rest for 10 days.

The doctors said if you are still dizzy and puking, these are clear symptoms of concussion,” Gambhir told ‘ESPNcricinfo’.

If I looked down, I felt like puking. If I tried to focus on one object, that made me feel dizzy. The vision remained blurry,” he explained.

Before this, Gambhir had hurt his elbow which forced him to sit out of the third Test, a decision that drew flak from some quarters with some former players suggesting that he could have played through pain and helped India’s cause. The team was whitewashed 0-4 in the Tests.

Look, you are not just blocking, which is what was required at Lord’s. This was a new Test. It was not just about time, you had to score runs, you had to field, you had to last five days,” Gambhir explained.

The pain in the elbow was massive. It might be easy for an outsider to say that it is not broken and he can play, but the pain was too much. I experienced it during the nets and the throwdowns before the match.

And an elbow injury is different from a hand injury, which was the case in Cape Town. You can bat with a swollen hand, but it is very difficult to bat with a painful elbow,” he added.

You can’t even get down to thinking of the performance when you have batted through injury three out of the six innings,” he retorted.

Gambhir said playing with the concussion after that would have jeopardised the team’s chances even more.

If your vision is blurry, if you can’t focus on one object, if you can’t judge the pace of the ball or its trajectory, not only are you putting yourself at risk, you are also letting your team and your country down,” Gambhir said.

During the (Oval) Test I did what I had to do. There was no choice but to bat, but after that, even when taking throwdowns, I struggled with the vision.


Moreover Wasim Akram, Bowling Coach of Kolkata Knight Riders Sympathized with the player by saying that :-

” India are certainly going to miss Gambhir in the ODIs. He has performed really well in the last two years. His injury (blurred eyesight after a head injury) makes matters worse for India who are already playing without Virender Sehwag, Yuvraj Singh and Zaheer Khan. Gautam has been a bit unfortunate on this tour. He injured his elbow in the first Test at the Lord’s and before he could completely recover, this injury came his way. You can’t do much about injuries. “

Now What we can do is hope for the opener to get fit and fine as soon as possible and return to the field as a true spartan so that he just astonishes everyone out there who say that he is not capable. Moreover, If he feels like he should play in Champions League and represent Kolkata in it. It would fun to watch him play. But only if he feels healthy. More update on this in next post, Till then, Get Well Soon Gautam…



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6 responses to “Gautam Gambhir, hurt in England

  1. Deblina ⋅

    Another brilliant post put up fir the already amazing blog i must say.This was definitely needed now as much blame-game and mud-slinging has been going on about the cricketer ,ppl r not saying it on his face as they can clearly see the amount of pain the guy has gone through,but STILL,he hasn’t been left alone by the media and people alike.The blog here really gives an insight on what EXACTLY had happened to the cricketer at the Oval test.Thanks for including Gautam’s quotes and comments he gave crickinfo and the other sites,it helps MAJORLY in getting to know the exact details of his injury. yes of course he was hurt majorly.being an international player,he sure knows what harm an injury can do to his career at this stage.Its almost the reigning phase of his career and this is when he is being tested,his grit,determination and will-power. But people seriously need to understand that he merely cannot go in for the sake of holding n wielding a bat and come out just like that.A cricketer like him,he has always been greedy for runs and ALWAYS had been ABLE to do that as well.Its just this time when luck hasn’t been on his side,but so for the whole team India.!!
    It was really heartbreaking to know that Gautam,even though was nominated for the ODI Player of the year,couldn’t make it.He has always been an unsung hero as such,what with his brilliant unforgettable 97 he did to make India win the World cup.And well,misjudging the player continues unabashed.
    Well,every eminent personality in the cricketing world knows what Gautam Gambhir means to the Indian side.We had the cricketing Legend Kapil Dev worrying about him and his injury too who feels the Indian opener is a BRILLIANT batsman and he really prays that the concussion and the head injury does not affect his career.I sincerely pray and wish that nothing of the sort happens..:(( It would be REALLY saddening to see something as horrible as that.This man deserves MUCH,MUCH more in his career.Its just the beginning,he is yet to achieve the skies in the truest sense,which I believe he WILL.and after MSD, i really think Gautam Gambhir should be the Indian skipper.With some one like HIm leading the team,India’s SURE gonna rule cricket again.
    I sincerely wish people see it through the man’s eyes and realize what he has been through before pointing out fingers at him.He has always played for his country and its pride and will keep doing so,whatever the situation is.and well,about CLT20,its HIS decision,his call whether n IF he is fit to play or not.and I wish he learns it somehow that his fans r eagerly waiting for him to come back and fight his way up and reach the echelons of success.Get well soon Gautam ..All The best..!!:P

  2. Deblina ⋅

    U r welcome.and well,firstly-thanks to you for creating another brilliant topic dedicated to the cricketer.We are all waiting for Gambhir to come back in the ODI series in October.

  3. Deblina ⋅

    umm..just a suggestion..can we please have another update for tomorrow,its Gautam’s birthday,so 😛 I m sure u might have planned something already,and i m really gung-ho about reading we are having the ODI series starting as well.Hope to read a fabulous update soon..!!

    • I am extremely Sorry, I had such great matter to discuss on his birthday, wanted to wish him and moreover, have completed 1100 hits as well but My Computer crashed on that day and you know what I literally became so much depressed, 😦
      Can’t ever forget that I wasn’t there on his birthday 😦
      But I am going to update it today – Better late than never, I guess ….

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