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Gautam Gambhir, A New Innings

“Many Hearts were broken, Too many Dreams left unfulfilled”

Yes this must have been the state of a lot of hearts, hearts of girls who loved and admired Gambhir and wished to marry him as Gambhir chose his soulmate in form of Natasha Jain, A Delhi based Girl and Daughter of Business Tycoon, Ravindra Jain and married her on 28th October in a Private Farm, Gurgaon amidst a few family members and friends.

The Beauty and the Best 🙂

List of Celebrities who attended the wedding is still unknown.

Well We all the fans of Gambhir are so happy to see him smiling and so happy to have started a new innings of his life, May the handsome man stay not out in this one and score a lot of runs as well. We are waiting for Junior Gambhir as well Gautam 🙂

Looking so good, both of them 🙂

May You and your soulmate stay happy for the rest of your life…..


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One response to “Gautam Gambhir, A New Innings

  1. Farheen ⋅

    May he have a happy life ahead….n his future brightens more n more n bring lotssss n lotssss of happiness……:-)

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