Rahul Dravid Retires…

Going to miss you, Dravid…

Words are not entering out of my mouth, Infinite thoughts crossing my mind, such is my condition, on the day when Cricket’s another legend retires…

Anyone in his late Teen years, or in Adulthood must be feeling the same kind of emotions today. Because we know what names like Sachin Tendulkar, Saurav Ganguly, Anil Kumble and Rahul Dravid mean to us. These are the names we grew up with, names we cheered, names we favored, names we won’t ever trade in those trading cards. But Life moves on, so do Cricket – After Saurav and Anil, it’s time for another Cricketing Legend – Rahul Dravid to bid adieu to the world.

When we saw cricket, we used to wait for Dravid to come and bat. When India used to lose, Rahul was the one world Depended on. I have known so many people out there who had such a soft spot for him. So many girls who had his posters on their wall. So many fanatics who used to worship him. Maybe he has not been able to perform that better in recent times, but those newspaper headlines about how Mr. Dependable did it again will remain with us throughout our lives.


The Wall or Mr. Dependable or simply Dravid – whatever name you like to call has always been an essence to our lives.

If children today like Kohli and Raina, teens like Dhoni or Yuvraj, Adults were always a fan of Dravid, Ganguly and Sachin and that too, in much broader terms.

I don’t know if world will remember him after some time, but we the youth of india will always keep him in our hearts and so will the girls who used to think that if there’s anyone who gives justice to ‘Tall, Dark and Handsome’- It’s Dravid.

Dravid’s Official Word –

I would like to announce my retirement from international and domestic first-class cricket. It is 16 years since I played my first Test match for India and today I feel it is time to move on. Once I was like every other boy in India, with a dream of playing for my country. Yet I could never have imagined a journey so long and so fulfilling.

No dream is ever chased alone. As I look back, I have many people to thank for teaching me and believing in me. My junior coaches in Bangalore and at various junior national camps inculcated in me a powerful love of the game, which has always stayed with me. My coaches at the international level have added to my craft and helped shape my personality. The physios and trainers worked hard to keep me fit – not an easy job – and allowed me to play late into my 30s.

The selectors, who rarely receive any credit in India, occasionally had more confidence in me than I had in myself and I am grateful for that. The various captains I played under offered me guidance and inspired me. Most of all I have to thank the teams I played with.

I was lucky in my early years to play for a Karnataka team that was trying to forge itself into a strong side and they were years of fun and learning. In the Indian team, I was fortunate to be part of a wonderful era when India played some of its finest cricket at home and abroad. Many of my teammates have become legends, not just in India but in the wider cricketing world. I admired them, learnt from them and I leave the game with wonderful memories and strong friendships. It is a great gift to have.

A career in sport is almost impossible to manage without the support, and guidance, and reassurance of family and friends. During tough times, and there always are, this is whom we go to. I found strength and encouragement from my parents and brother and they created around me a positive environment which was essential to my success.

My wife, Vijeeta, has been a remarkable partner in my journey. She has made sacrifices in her own career and has almost been a single parent as she brought up our children alone as I travelled abroad to play. Whenever challenges appeared, she was always there, as sounding board, as ally and as guide. Being away from my family became harder and harder through the years and I look forward now to spending time at home and doing the simple things, like just taking my sons to school.

Finally I would like to thank the Indian cricket fan, both here and across the world. The game is lucky to have you and I have been lucky to play before you. To represent India, and thus to represent you, has been a privilege and one which I have always taken seriously. My approach to cricket has been reasonably simple: it was about giving everything to the team, it was about playing with dignity and it was about upholding the spirit of the game. I hope I have done some of that. I have failed at times, but I have never stopped trying. It is why I leave with sadness but also with pride.

His stats being too massive to be displayed here – http://www.espncricinfo.com/magazine/content/current/story/556766.html

Some of the comments on his retirements :-

 ‎”very emotional moment for me, will miss him in the dressing room and in white jersey”-Tendulkar

“Dravid is a player who would walk on broken glass if his team asks him”- Gambhir

“If u can’t get along with Dravid, u are struggling in life “-Brett Lee

“Some succeeded because they are destined to, but he succeeded because he was Determined to”-Navjot Singh Siddhu

“Champion on and off the field, showed us with his great hard work, sky is the limit”-Mahesh Bhupathi

“They say sports serve society by providing vivid examples of excellence. To me, the most & dependable has to be Dravid”-Shahrukh Khan”

“Rahul Dravid is one of the top 5 players I batted against”-Alec Stewart

“A great lesson in dignity, humility and graced. Even in his speech, Dravid shows why he is a”gift of gentleman’s game”-Siddhartha

“Elegant at the crease, Eloquent in Retirement, thanks for the memories”-ESPN

“Rahul Dravid-Legend, Plain and Simple”-Kevin Pietersen

“The wolf who lived for the pack

Rahul Dravid was always a team man, willing to take up challenges for the greater good; and the acceptance of challenges has defined his cricket”-Harsha Bhogle, http://www.espncricinfo.com/magazine/content/current/story/556769.html

Everyone knows he was not only a good cricketer, but the best human being – Will always remember him whenever I will See Gambhir.



Gautam Gambhir, Fan’s Comment

I was expecting an update earlier.:P never mind,now that you did.
Well,what to say-we DID have a disastrous test series AGAIN,in a foreign soil,and that too within a year and it surely reeks of the declining test potential of the team in general as of now.The team needs immediate action to get its test glory back as well as most of its players need to get back their “form” and this very form leads the discussion towards the issue in hand-”rotating of the senior players”.Well,what EXACTLY do we decipher out of this action taken by the team-rotating Sehwag,Sachin and Gautam in turns? The reason for doing this is termed that “the seniors are “SLOW” on the field ” and it causes runs getting leaked.In an effort to handle the same,the seniors are being rested.Logic!
Now,isn’t a team,while chasing a target,SCORE runs in itself?Not ALL the eleven players of a team are exceptional fielders,they can NOT be! if the opposition team is scoring runs, the chasing team has got to score a couple runs more than them during their innings.Isn’t cricket BASICALLY about it?! And WHY ONLY the top-order batsmen were being rotated ?We had Manoj Tiwari accompanying the team who had scored brilliantly in domestic just before that and even in the ODI against WI prior to that?Is it just Rohit Sharma or Suresh Raina who deserve to be groomed for the next WC or cement their career?Irfan pathan nearly wasted himself on the benches almost throughout the series and got just a couple of matches and the guy proved his worth even during that meagre time he was provided.The ones who were given chances continuously didn’t even perform as to what was expected of them! and one personal OPINION of Gambhir was being twisted and talked about like he doesn’t understands the game at all! How weird is that?That guy IS a regular member of the team,and is entitled to his opinion.The win against Australia would NOT have been possible without his 92,that much should be kept in mind.! Throughout the series,He made sure he leaves an impact,in whichever game he played.56 in the T20 match,92,91,63=all have been his scores and he actually came up as the highest run getter in the series.But STILL,never for once,the deserved acknowledgment reaches him,Ehh!how unjust is that?The game-finisher leaves his impact by hitting a couple of sixes and some such big shots,but someone who actually anchored the innings,laid a base for the game is so easily overlooked.!
Well,Asia Cup is soon going to be held.I hope the team gains back its glory and everything in it,performs well and of course,Gambhir plays his part again,AMAZINGLY! Its India vs Pak on 18th and I was remembering the last series and Gambhir and Kamran Akmal’s clash..haha! would be worth the wait-this time as well. ;)
and last but definitely not the least-Get well soon Yuvi! :D ! The Team NEEDS you.!

Thank you Deblina for your Comment. It’s so expressive…..

Gautam Gambhir, Australia’s Over

So finally the Australian tour came to an end. It was a shame for Indian Cricket Team in all, they displayed a sheer amount of non-dedication, some foolish mistakes and to top it all, some weird experiments.

It has been some time since i posted a new post. I wasn’t that busy but had nothing to talk about, I was furious, I would say, with the Incompetency of the team players. Is it new coach, or is it the losing standards. Things world expects from India is all about Indian movies and a good game of Cricket.

Let’s just have a look at it step by step,

Indian tour of Australia, 2011-2012, Border-Gavaskar Trophy

It all started in December, 2011, when All eyes were on the Indian tour of Australia, The Star Network named it Agneepath series as it always is thrilling. But, Indians were not serious enough or maybe not lucky enough.

Gambhir, who was expected to perform, didn’t displayed his usual self. He had a poor average of approximately 24 runs in four matches ( 8 innings ) and scored his best of 83 in the 2nd match. Maybe his wedding party was not over but still, he was surely optimistic and always tried hard to get back in the game. Much has been going with him this past year, but let’s not blame him, that injury can take anyone down for an year.

Other players disappointed as well and Australians had all the defense for their attack.

Indian tour of Australia, 2 T-20 Matches

Thank god, they won a match after all. They did manage to make it a draw and having a look at the scorecards, you can seriously tell, It was all because of Gambhir’s 56 which made us win that match. He was back, I guess.

Indian tour of Australia, Commonwealth Bank Series

The most disappointing of all, the team topped it all when they weren’t able to reach in the Finals.

Only two Indian players, Virat Kohli and Gautam Gambhir were the key performers in the whole series.

Well, why the heck did Dhoni decide to rest the Senior players for, Isn’t he one, so why does he think that he is the mightiest of all taking such stupid decisions. Who thinks of resting Sachin. Is he playing it very well. the way I see, He is the person who comes down at end, hits a few runs and enters the limelight. He is the one who has been taking some damn unworthy credit for this last year. I don’t how he thinks. He doesn’t perform the entire series, come downs in the finals, hits a few sixes, and well he becomes the best player of the series. Well, He decides to rest Sachin, well Dhoni, Why haven’t your stomach filled after getting Sourav off the team, that now you want to rest other ones off as well. I am very angry at him for being so absurd.

Well, Let’s come the point, Second match we won because of Kohli, 3rd one Gambhir hit a 92 to lead us to a win, 4th one, he made a beautiful 91 and helped it to become a tie, and the last match we won was again due to Kohli and his best innings.

Well this was it, He proved it again that whether others play the way the want or not, he is always going to be dedicated and well he got his other Delhi brother with him as wel – Virat Kohli.

In Indian Premier League,

The word is out guys, IPL is going to start very soon, let’s just hope KKR does it again. Though they have a problem with them a second Pacer. And yet, they have bought all foreign players once gain, A big trouble, as we already had our lot of Overseas players….

And Finally, Let’s just hope Yuvraj Singh recovers soon.

I’d happy to hear from you guys.

Gautam Gambhir, Partnerships with Virender Sehwag

I wasn’t regular enough to post but Could I miss a day like this when Sehwag, the best friend of Gambhir has broken all records by becoming the highest scoring batsman in a ODI by scoring 219 against West Indies in 4th One Day Match breaking the record previously held by Sachin Tendulkar.

If someone talks about Cricket and Friendships, one must be thinking about the mighty Sehwag and the eccentric Gambhir and their friendship. The duo has been playing together for a decade now, not only for Indian National team but for Delhi as well. They share quite a chemistry as everyone is aware of. Noone can ever forget the opening partnerships involving the two, which is considered to be one of the biggest strength for the Team.

Let’s Talk about Statistics :-

  1. They have scored 6 hundreds with the highest of 201 and a total of 2085 for India together.
  2. 11th position for the highest runs made by a duo in Test Cricket with 3854 in mere 70 Innings
  3. 6th Position for Highest Opening Partnership Runs with the highest average among the Top 6
  4. 10 Hundreds made together in Test Cricket
  5. They have scored 23 Fifties in Test Cricket which is the 4th Highest ever
  6. 9th in the list of Highest Partnership Runs in t20 Matches
  7. 4th for the Highest Opening Partnership Runs in t20 Matches

And Now is the turn for the Photographs to say it all

I really don’t think that anyone can ever say more than what these pictures depict, I always feel so special to see how these two guys gel up, And I always feel too proud to see that our Gambhir is in such good Hands.

They Surely are Jai Veeru of Indian Cricket and will continue to be a model for all the friends all over the world.

Congrats Sehwag for your Acievements and Congrats Gambhir for your Friend’s

Let’s just Wish you two remain like this forever……

Gautam Gambhir, the associated controversy over shoulder injury

Sometimes, I think why do people behave like this, why do they show that they are ones who cannot be trusted and who are the most dynamic creatures in world. Appreciating a person so much over the years, for his performance as a sports person, as a cricketer, but more for his patriotism, for his dedication and seriousness, for his inspiring personality and for his nature overall. And then suddenly, when something happens, they all just overlook that image of a person and just pretend that the person has been ignorant and is careless.

As we all know Gautam, and how he is on the field as well as off the field, a person who is patriotic and is so much down to the earth has been claimed to have chosen money over nation. I mean that’s pure shit in the context of such a person who believes in Bhagat Singh, the great revolutionary and the biggest patriot in the country so far. I mean being a captain for the Indian National team means much to him and to his fans as well and saying that he just ignored his injury just to lead Kolkata for all the money he has been getting is a pure non-sense. Guys, you need to shut up.

As we all know, that recently, Gautam complained about his shoulder to which Andrew Leipus, the physician of Kolkata Knight Riders have suggested a 6 month long rest from the field. And in these situations, he couldn’t have been selected for the Indian team for the West Indies tour.

Nagraj Golapuddi, ESPN Cricinfo :-

Gautam Gambhir could miss the limited-overs leg of India’s tour of the West Indies next month following the aggravation of a shoulder injury that was sustained during the World Cup final. Gambhir, named India’s captain for that part of the tour, has been advised four to six weeks’ rest by Andrew Leipus, the Kolkata Knight Riders trainer, and could even miss the subsequent tour of England.

If it comes to pass, Gambhir’s absence will leave India without their three best specialist openers – Virender Sehwag has recently undergone shoulder surgery and Sachin Tendulkar has been rested for the short-format games. It will also fuel the debate over the importance given to the IPL vis-a-vis international cricket, and – given that Sehwag also played through the IPL with his injury – raise questions over the responsibility of the BCCI, the IPL franchises and the players.

Gambhir played the IPL Eliminator on Wednesday, the same day Leipus wrote to the BCCI. However, Kolkata’s loss to Mumbai Indians has saved Gambhir and the franchise from having to decide on his further participation in the tournament.

In his letter, addressed to BCCI secretary N Srinivasan, Leipus – a former India physio – said the player felt acute pain in his right shoulder while landing on it in the field at one point during the World Cup final against Sri Lanka at the Wankhede stadium on April 2. Subsequent scans have now revealed a serious injury that would require him to avoid throwing or batting for four to six weeks.

“Gautam arrived in Kolkata at the start of the IPL complaining of a ‘sore shoulder’, the onset of which occurred during the World Cup final,” Leipus’ letter said. “He clearly recollects a fielding incident where he landed on an outstretched arm and felt a catch deep in the shoulder. In the euphoria at the time, his attention was deservedly elsewhere and he didn’t bother telling anyone about it.”

Gambhir, he said, informed him of the shoulder pain when he arrived to play the IPL. “His initial complaints were pain in the shoulder and significant reduction of power in his throw. The clinical findings supported the mechanism of the onset of the acute injury, however, he did report having corticosteroid injections on two occasions over the previous few years,” Leipus stated in his report, a copy of which is available with ESPNcricinfo. “Knowledge of this history leads me to suspect that any internal derangement may have been pre-existing and this recent incident (World Cup final) only served to aggravate or progress the injury (i.e. acute on chronic),” Leipus wrote.

Accordingly, Leipus said, he initiated a plan for management and rehabilitation, post which Gambhir only reported pain “intermittently”. But during Kolkata’s final group match at Eden Gardens on May 22, against Mumbai Indians, Gambhir winced in pain immediately after sending back a throw to the wicketkeeper from the deep. Leipus confirmed that the throw had “aggravated” the pain. The team then travelled for the Eliminator to Mumbai, where Gambhir consulted a prominent Mumbai-based surgeon and had an MRI scan taken.

“Both the doctor and myself believe that he should follow an intensive, supervised and conservative rehabilitation pathway. But for the best outcome, he will need to avoid both throwing and batting for a period of 4-6 weeks. In this regard I would expect that the BCCI medical committee would need to consider the ongoing management of Gautam’s shoulder injury beyond the IPL and the possibility of his missing any immediate future tours until the shoulder is fully rehabilitated,” Leipus said.

If Gambhir does indeed sit out that tour, Suresh Raina, appointed vice-captain, is likely to take over the leadership role.

Now if you think that he is happy, he is not. Because he has missed a great opportunity of his life. A person who still thinks should note down what Gambhir had to say :-

Gautam Gambhir has rubbished claims he covered up a shoulder injury to play in the IPL, saying he did play with discomfort in his right shoulder but was never aware of the extent of the problem. Gambhir said he had felt the discomfort during the World Cup final but as it wasn’t too painful he didn’t think it was a major injury, and hence played the IPL, in which he captained Kolkata Knight Riders. Gambhir could now miss India’s tour of the West Indies, where he was to captain the side during the limited-overs leg, but insists he never put his franchise before playing for India and would not have risked worsening his injury had he known its nature.

“Any modern cricketer knows that by feigning or risking injury he is only jeopardising his own career,” Gambhir told the Hindustan Times. “It is imaginative to say I was covering my injury to play in the IPL. I played with discomfort without realising the gravity of my injury. As a leader, my team needed me, but to say I preferred club over country is ridiculous.”

On Wednesday, Kolkata’s team trainer Andrew Leipus wrote a letter to the BCCI saying Gambhir had complained of a sore shoulder when he arrived in Kolkata for the IPL and subsequent scans had shown a serious injury that would require four to six weeks to heal. The letter said Gambhir recalled landing on his arm during the World Cup final and feeling acute pain. Gambhir said he did not think it was a major injury at the time.

“I felt some discomfort during the World Cup final, while running between the wickets. It didn’t seem major as it wasn’t very painful at the time. Any professional cricketer, playing all three formats, will tell you that niggles are all part of the system.”

Gambhir admitted he might have aggravated the injury during Kolkata’s group-stage match against Mumbai on May 22 in Kolkata but he still didn’t think it would be a problem. Asked why he played Kolkata’s next game, a knockout match in Mumbai on Wednesday, despite Leipus having already written to the BCCI, he said he had not spoken to Leipus about the injury before the game.

“There was an instance during Sunday’s clash against Mumbai Indians when I threw the ball from deep point and felt pain in my right shoulder. I thought it would be fine with a bit of icing or at most I thought I’d get a scan in Mumbai.

“I had an MRI in Mumbai and Leipus got the report. We didn’t discuss it as I was preparing for Sunday’s game, which was a knockout. It will be misleading to blame the BCCI, Andrew or the Kolkata management for this. I don’t think anybody intended to cover up things here.”

Gambhir defended his commitment to the national team saying that he had actually played through injuries when his country had needed it.

“I know how hard I have worked for my national cap and what it means to me. Not many people know that in 2008 I played the Ranji Trophy final against Uttar Pradesh with a swollen left hand. Earlier this year, I played the last Test of the South Africa series with an injured left hand. The swelling was so bad I could barely wear a glove. I am proud of the 93 and 64 I got on one of the most difficult pitches. It is embarrassing to publicise my commitment but I have no choice.”

He also said missing out on leading India in the West Indies would be a huge setback. “I am so keen to lead the side that even during the breaks between IPL matches I’d discuss with Yusuf Pathan our strategy for conditions in the West Indies. Now let us see how it goes. I hear there will be a fitness test and only post that things will get decided.”

Gambhir’s opening partner Virender Sehwag also aggravated a pre-existing injury during the IPL and is likely to miss the Tests in the West Indies. The injuries have sparked a debate over the importance given to the IPL by the BCCI, players and franchises and whether players’ involvement in the IPL puts them at risk of missing international fixtures.

So anyone who has sported a negative opinion on Gambhir needs to shut up and continue to respect the person for his commitment to the team and to the nation. We lone you Gambhir, and will continue to do so ………

Just take care and Get Well Soon…….

Gautam Gambhir, and the knights

The Kolkata Knight Riders must have been a happy franchisee after such a successful selection of players and forming a formidable and outrageous team which was expected to end the three-year long losing reign of the franchisee in the Indian Premier League. The team, indeed, performed and that too with a bang. Under the successful captaincy of Gautam Gambhir, and the performance of such wonderful team members, the team qualified for the play-offs. They played like true knights and invested everything but couldn’t defeat the opposition, Mumbai Indians. But we are very happy to have played like this the entire season and proud to return with our heads high and our pride intact. We are determined to return and return with a bang to reach the trophy in 2012.

The team after establishing so much, has provided the country with some great young talent, has shown the world that the legends still are in form to kill and has most importantly shown a very bright side to our young skipper, Gautam Gambhir.

Let us have a look at each and every knight who has performed brilliantly and has shown immense talent

Gautam Gambhir, the skipper – the person who performed like a world class champion, who lead like a world class leader and who delivered like a world class speaker – A player the country has already shown respect for, the nation has already seen talent of has become the favorite of a large section of society and is indeed one of the players the world will look out for in near future. The player who has shown may lead a team to new heights.

Jacques Kallis, a renowned legend, a competent all-rounder and a person who indeed has shown that he still is the player whom opposition needs to get frightened about, Except of displaying such an immensely talented batting, has also shown his talent with the ball becoming one of the best bowling figures for the team. His presence has always provided the team with confidence and courage.

Brett Lee – the player whose name is more than enough to describe him in the cricket industry. He has become a trademark for a seamer and with a persona like he has,  he is a complete charmer, you can take a glimpse of this after watching a match in stadium and how the crowd gets crazy to have a look at him, one of the most famous cricketers in the world, he was always happy to perform and has always been a pillar of strength in the field and has given the team, a new dimension

Eoin Morgan, a formidable batsman and a mighty fielder, has proved to be a great player to be a part of the franchisee. He proved lucky for the team as after his departure, we became down on luck and lost a couple of important matches. A player who used to cheer the field up, who used to give some weight to the batting line-up. Hope he delivers the next season.

Shakib Al-Hasan, A player who has not only shown his talent but a player who has taken the national team of Bangladesh to new heigts, an all-rounder who is one of the best spinners in the world and along with that, has won the team a great number of matches with his spectacular batting shots. He is a player who was always there whenever we required him, one of the best bowlers in the whole tournament and a great shield.

Ryan tenDoeschate, A one of the best examples of how a player matters. This player who has served the associate team of Netherlands and has shown his immense talent and capabilities was always an important and joyous addition to the team, the way he served motivated all the other players to deliver and we will be lucky to have whim with us for till the franchisee exists.

Mark Boucher, Come-on, Do you still need something to describe him, He has been a bright addition to our side, after the Brad Haddin Injury, he has been added as the experienced wicket-keeper to our squad. Though he hasn’t displayed much but isn’t the name enough

Manoj Tiwary, what a player, what an immense display of talent, when the legends depart back to pavailiion he is the one, everyone depends on and what a courage and performance to play in pressure and win the matches. He has been a very important member of the squad and I don’t know if without him, we could have earned much acclaim and success.

Iqbal Abdulla, Again a wonderful showcase of talent and loyalty,honesty and courage, He when used to pick up the bowl made tall the spectators relieved as we all knew, despite of his young age, will never harm the franchisee. Has always been of immense use and has always performed like a true knight. He has been a knight in motion. A spinner, the Indian National team will love to have..

Rajat Bhatia, Shreevats Goswami and Manvinder Bisla are among the other players who have been of immense need and have always supported the team to win and have been a very solid part of the team.

Though, we are out but we promise to return back with a bang and to push the limits next season. All the best and KLJre.

Kolkata Knightriders, in eliminator, IPL 2011

The team which started this year with new beginnings, with new players, with new level of motivation, desire, aspiration and hunger to win, the team, sorry, not just a team, a family which consists of lively owners, most capable support staff and a great mix of extremely talented players united under a single name – Kolkata Knight Riders, inspite of having so many downs in the last three editions have outraged and blasted a wonderful ballistic performance this year by qualifying to the play-offs leaving all the people who have their hearts and souls with the franchisee happy and ecstatic.

The team which has our own Gautam Gambhir as their skipper has kept all those people quiet and guilty who were all against the team and questioned the survival. The team which consists of such experienced work force, talented youngsters, inspirational leaders and most importantly, great sportsmen are united under the name of kingsmen.

Gautam Gambhir, as we all know is such a talented player but he has emerged as a successful captain as well serving the team with his entire heart and soul, body and mind and has always inspired everyone, motivated the players and kept the spirits high.

The skipper along with the squad, the staff and the fans is once again standing on an intersection in the form of an eliminator which is scheduled today against Mumbai Indians, winner of which will qualify for Champions League but the loser has no scope of survival. This is a match of immense importance and is going to display an immense view of both the teams’ capabilities.

What Kolkata Knight Riders will have to look on:-

  • They will have to learn from their mistakes and never let the match skip.
  • Should have toss in their favor as we are always good chasing
  • The seamers need to deliver, the high economies are not going to help
  • Fielding, one of the most important basics of the game needs to be uptight
  • Batting the way they have done this entire tournament
  • Squad should remain unchanged, very important

To tackle Mumbai Indians :-

  • They say if you attack the goal keeper you have the best probability to score, we need to pressurize their skipper, the cricket legend, the God of cricket as they say, Sachin Tendulkar
  • Early wickets play a very important role
  • Let them perform, but Don’t let them perform their best

Players to look out for :-

  • Lasith Malinga, the most important player in their squad, don’t let him attack
  • Harbhajan Singh, Irritate him and that’s the way he loosens up, and more importantly Don’t let him make runs if he comes up the order once again
  • Rohit Sharma, Going to be an outrage in this match
  • Rayudu, just keep him under contol

And most importantly, Sachin Tendulkar – If you take his wicket, you have won half the match. Enter in the field only after having his blessings

Though we are delivering better and in all, have the highly competent players, but No-one knows when what happens.

So on this note, All the Best and perform well Knights and Show us the Champions League T20. Hope you deliver. All the luck and blessings of us, the supporters are with you, and Gautu – Be the way you are and that’s what will make us win 🙂

Karke Dikhaya Hai, Ladke Dikhaya Hai, Jeetke Dikhayenge, Jeetne Aaye The, Jeetke Jaayenge

Korbo Lorbo Jeetbo!!!!!

Gautam Gambhir, his journey in Indian Premier League 2011

When the speculations started about Indian Premier League 2011, It was thought that among all the players that franchisee would love to retain, Gautam Gambhir was one of the speculated players and It came as a shock when Delhi decided not to retain him instead. People became furious and pointed out this as a blunder and questioned the future of Delhi Daredevils. He definitely became one of the players with limelight on them and every team was drooling to get him in their squad.

Despite of other teams’ efforts, Kolkata looked like they were determined to get him and despite of the price going up like anything, they booked him for a whooping 2.4 million $ which makes him the most expensive player in the whole IPL season and the way he is, he totally deserved that.  He was the first player to be auctioned and everybody thought that the bid will surely get passed and some other player will get a price greater than this but despite being the first became the highest paid player.

After his signing with Kolkata Knightriders, the fan following of Kolkata increased despite of Dada’s dismissal and some some fans like me, who are die hard fans of Shahrukh Khan, Kolkata Knightriders as a team, a squad and a support staff and Gautam Gambhir, it was like a dream come true. A much awaited confirmation comes from the board of KKR that Gambhir will lead the team and that too was like a right step in a race of hurdles.

Season began, though with a loss to Chennai, which obviously raised some issues with Gambhir’s thought process as a captain but he returned and that too with a bang. Whatever games, the team played, he displayed such a great effort to show the team’s passion, detremination, and hunger to win. To the extent that at one point team was at No. 1 spot and there was no near competion. He played a pivotal role and with his fantastic performances and with the help of team members most importantly – Jacques Kallis, Manoj Tiwary, Iqbal Abdulla, Shakib Al Hasan, Brett Lee, and the support staff. He lead us very near to qualifications. Then a point came when the team had to deliver in terms to qualify but he never let loose and never discouraged the spectators and showed a great promise to finally obtain the 4th position to Playoffs ( just because of a disastrous spell from Balaji who performed irresponsive bowling to let Mumbai win in the last match, otherwise it was like a 100% win game which would have led us to a 2nd position )

His performances in this year’s IPL

Bat      Team Opposition Ground Match Date

8          Kolkata v Mumbai Kolkata 22 May 2011

54*       Kolkata v Pune Mumbai 19 May 2011

7          Kolkata v Bangalore Bangalore 14 May 2011

16         Kolkata v Chennai Kolkata 7 May 2011

0          Kolkata v Kochi Kochi 5 May 2011

35        Kolkata v Deccan Hyderabad 3 May 2011

45*      Kolkata v Punjab Kolkata 30 Apr 2011

18        Kolkata v Delhi Delhi 28 Apr 2011

48        Kolkata v Bangalore Kolkata 22 Apr 2011

3           Kolkata v Kochi Kolkata 20 Apr 2011

35        Kolkata v Rajasthan Kolkata 17 Apr 2011

75       Kolkata v Rajasthan Jaipur 15 Apr 2011

29        Kolkata v Deccan Hyderabad 11 Apr 2011

1          Kolkata v Chennai Chennai 8 Apr 2011

As per Sharmik Chakrabarthy,

Earlier this year, it was tough to decide which one of the two ‘auction day’ happenings perplexed the Kolkata Knight Riders fans more. Before the start of IPL IV, those around the Eden Gardens found it hard to come to terms with the fact that Sourav Ganguly was sitting at home unsold while Gautam Gambhir had been paid $2.4 million to make Kolkata his new home.

They said Gambhir didn’t have Dada’s charisma nor could he make an impact on a T20 game like a Chris Gayle or Virender Sehwag. But with time and a series of favourable results, Gambhir grew on Kolkata. And as KKR confirmed its first ever end of the league phase top-four finish, owner Shah Rukh Khan isn’t the only one in the black and golden corner with a smile on his face. Expectedly, the think tank say that the man responsible for the turn around is skipper Gambhir.

Of course, KKR’s judicious selection of player, specially when compared to their past impulsive buys, has played a role in the team’s change of fortunes but that can’t undermine the ‘Gambhir effect’.

Coach Dav Whatmore says it was his assistant Vijay Dahiya who floated Gambhir’s name when KKR went into a pre-auction huddle. “It was Dahiya’s idea. Since he has been Delhi’s Ranji coach, he has seen Gambhir from close quarters. We planned meticulously before going into the auction. Everybody gave inputs and we were flexible as well,” coach Dav Whatmore said.

Going on to Gambhir he says, “He goes about his business in a quiet way. He is a likable character who likes to lead from the front. He has a shrewd brain and is a popular figure in the dressing room,” he added.

Meanwhile, Dahiya feels that Gambhir has a natural ability to deal with pressure. “There’s a difference between captaining a first-class team and an IPL side. It’s almost as big as an international event and the pressure is huge. He is growing as a leader pretty fast,” Dahiya said.

Big-match player

Responsibility hasn’t affected Gambhir’s batting form. In fact, after 13 matches he is KKR’s highest scorer with 366 runs at 40.66. Being a big-match player, most of his runs have come against top teams and that too in winning causes. Kolkata boy Manoj Tiwary speaks about Gambhir’s quality to know the strength of each player in the team. “He designates specific roles for everyone in the team. Even the reserves don’t feel they are left out,” said Manoj Tiwary.

Now when KKR has entered playoffs and is to play their next match against Mumbai Indians in Mumbai on 25th May 2011 which is going to be an eliminator, the survival is at stake, the skipper would surely want the team to reach the top 3 and qualify for Champions League atleast. The game is going to be highly decisive and It’s going to be a warfare. Let’s hope that Kolkata continues it’s winning reign and by God’s Grace, win this IPL after the disappointments in the last three seasons.

As per Aakash Chopra, Hindustan Times

With the IPL entering the penultimate stage, the fight for the title also seems to be getting fierce. While for MS Dhoni, an IPL win would serve as the cherry on the coveted World Cup cake, Knight Riders’ skipper Gautam Gambhir would be hoping to turn his team’s fortunes around and consolidate his claims for captaincy.

Who will have the last laugh, is difficult to say, what is clear is that a victory will bring to the fore a superior side and a captain, who is a cut above the rest.

What is it that will set a captain and his team apart? Certainly, good cricket, but more importantly, smart cricket.

Gautam Gambhir, the opening blog

Gautam Gambhir, born 14th October 1981, is a left-handed top-order opening batsman who has done a great job in Indian Cricket and has played a pivotal role in winning some very Important series such as World Cup of 2007 and World Cup of 2011 and with it some inter-national series as well for India. He is sometimes referred to as the one of the best opening batsmen, India has ever played.

He is emerging as a substitute captain for  Team India as well and has had a great series against New Zealand as a captain. He has been associated with IndiaDelhi, Delhi Daredevils, India Red,Indian Board President’s XI, Kolkata Knight Riders,Rajasthan Cricket Association President’s XI and currently is serving as a captain of KKR, an IPL Franchise

As per Siddharth Monga, ESPN Cricinfo,

Feisty and firm, capricious and correct, insatiable and insecure, Gautam Gambhir is one of the most complete batsmen of the current era. He is adept at opening in all three forms of the game. He can be more aggressive than Virender Sehwag, he can play the kind of back-to-the-wall innings that would do Rahul Dravid and VVS Laxman proud, and he can accumulate without taking any risks, much like Sachin Tendulkar has been doing in the last quarter of his career.
He walks down the track to the fastest of bowlers, and an unfriendly word or three with the fielding side only help him concentrate harder, though it’s not as if he needs external motivation to make the most of his time as a cricketer. He almost lost the fight to his own high standards and to the fickle selectors, which left him “not wanting to play anymore” when he was dropped for the 2007 World Cup, and insecure when he did make it back. For about eight first years of his career, he was the domestic cheque that would not be honoured at international level. While the bowlers on the Ranji circuit swore by this little left-hand batsman, he had just two international centuries to show after 13 Tests and 19 ODIs when he was left out of the World Cup party.

He came back with massive runs in domestic cricket, a few important technical adjustments, and with the reputation of being the best player of spin in India, outside the international side. A century in his second ODI back and a final-winning fifty in the inaugural World Twenty20 paved the way for his Test return. Test fifties against Murali and Mendis in the summer of Murali and Mendis in 2008 told him he belonged. In his next 13 Tests, he scored eight centuries: centuries to set up wins, centuries to bat opposition out, and centuries to hold on for draws, including the near 11-hour marathon in Napier. The Arjuna Award came his way, the ICC named him the Test player of 2009, but much more tellingly Sehwag called him the best Indian Test opener since Sunil Gavaskar. The only plausible flaw in Sehwag’s claim is Sehwag himself.

Gambhir had been a prolific run-scorer in domestic cricket with an average of over 50 but his two successive double-hundreds in 2002 (one of them against the visiting Zimbabweans) made him a strong contender for India’s opening slot. He became only the fourth Indian batsman to score a double century in a tour game at home; the previous three being Sunil Gavaskar, Dilip Vengsarkar and Sachin Tendulkar. He is the only Indian batsman to score more than 300 runs in four consecutive Test series. He is also the only Indian, and one of only four international cricketers, to have scored five hundreds in five consecutive test matches. On July 2009, for a period of ten days he was the number one ranked batsman in ICC Test rankings.

One can never forget his innings of 75 in 2007 World Cup finals which against Pakistan which gave us victory, and in addition, his crucial innings of 97 in 2011 World Cup Finals against Sri Lanka which again led us to victory.