Gautam Gambhir, Australia’s Over

So finally the Australian tour came to an end. It was a shame for Indian Cricket Team in all, they displayed a sheer amount of non-dedication, some foolish mistakes and to top it all, some weird experiments.

It has been some time since i posted a new post. I wasn’t that busy but had nothing to talk about, I was furious, I would say, with the Incompetency of the team players. Is it new coach, or is it the losing standards. Things world expects from India is all about Indian movies and a good game of Cricket.

Let’s just have a look at it step by step,

Indian tour of Australia, 2011-2012, Border-Gavaskar Trophy

It all started in December, 2011, when All eyes were on the Indian tour of Australia, The Star Network named it Agneepath series as it always is thrilling. But, Indians were not serious enough or maybe not lucky enough.

Gambhir, who was expected to perform, didn’t displayed his usual self. He had a poor average of approximately 24 runs in four matches ( 8 innings ) and scored his best of 83 in the 2nd match. Maybe his wedding party was not over but still, he was surely optimistic and always tried hard to get back in the game. Much has been going with him this past year, but let’s not blame him, that injury can take anyone down for an year.

Other players disappointed as well and Australians had all the defense for their attack.

Indian tour of Australia, 2 T-20 Matches

Thank god, they won a match after all. They did manage to make it a draw and having a look at the scorecards, you can seriously tell, It was all because of Gambhir’s 56 which made us win that match. He was back, I guess.

Indian tour of Australia, Commonwealth Bank Series

The most disappointing of all, the team topped it all when they weren’t able to reach in the Finals.

Only two Indian players, Virat Kohli and Gautam Gambhir were the key performers in the whole series.

Well, why the heck did Dhoni decide to rest the Senior players for, Isn’t he one, so why does he think that he is the mightiest of all taking such stupid decisions. Who thinks of resting Sachin. Is he playing it very well. the way I see, He is the person who comes down at end, hits a few runs and enters the limelight. He is the one who has been taking some damn unworthy credit for this last year. I don’t how he thinks. He doesn’t perform the entire series, come downs in the finals, hits a few sixes, and well he becomes the best player of the series. Well, He decides to rest Sachin, well Dhoni, Why haven’t your stomach filled after getting Sourav off the team, that now you want to rest other ones off as well. I am very angry at him for being so absurd.

Well, Let’s come the point, Second match we won because of Kohli, 3rd one Gambhir hit a 92 to lead us to a win, 4th one, he made a beautiful 91 and helped it to become a tie, and the last match we won was again due to Kohli and his best innings.

Well this was it, He proved it again that whether others play the way the want or not, he is always going to be dedicated and well he got his other Delhi brother with him as wel – Virat Kohli.

In Indian Premier League,

The word is out guys, IPL is going to start very soon, let’s just hope KKR does it again. Though they have a problem with them a second Pacer. And yet, they have bought all foreign players once gain, A big trouble, as we already had our lot of Overseas players….

And Finally, Let’s just hope Yuvraj Singh recovers soon.

I’d happy to hear from you guys.